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SonarQube: Improve your .NET code quality & productivity with Dinesh Bolkensteyn and Tamas Vajk

.NET User Group Bern Event

Dienstag, 1. September 2015 (18:00 bis 21:00 Uhr)

SonarQube: Improve your .NET code quality & productivity with Dinesh Bolkensteyn and Tamas Vajk

Hallo Berner .NET Freund

Nach der Sommerpause treffen wir uns zum Thema Softwarequalität mit Unterstützung von SonarQube.


Technical debt is what makes you feel like it could be easier to restart the development of a product from scratch in order to add a simple new feature to it...

SonarQube is an open source code quality portal enabling all stakeholders to identify, track and ultimately act to reimburse the technical debt.

In this session, we will show how Microsoft and SonarSource, the company behind SonarQube, have been working together to bring the platform to .NET developers.

We'll start by a tour of the SonarQube platform and how we use it on a daily basis to manage our own code quality.

Then, we'll demo C# Code Analysis within Visual Studio 2015, and show some of the real bugs it found in projects such as NuGet and Roslyn.

Finally, we'll show the MSBuild Runner, used to analyze .NET projects, and how it integrates with Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online but also with Jenkins or TeamCity.

About Dinesh

Dinesh joined SonarSource 2011 after graduating from EPFL, where he currently leads the development of the C# plugin.

About Tamas

Tamas joined SonarSource in March 2015, where his primary task is to add new valuable bug detection rules to C# Code Analysis.


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Martin Affolter, Kay Herzam und René Leupold

Weekend Reader, Week 30

SwissJS was Great!

Here are some good summaries:
- SwissJS 2015 - The JavaScript Conference To Meet and Socialise by
- Impressions of swissJS 2015 by Chaosmail Blog

History of Icons

A visual brief on icon history through different graphical user interfaces in different operating systems.
A neat site that reminds us how time is passing …

Startup Timelines

Another site that reminds us how time is passing …

Assessing Employee Performance: You’re Doing it Rong

Some interesting thoughts about tracking value and a lot of bashing of issue trackers.

Ironically, the best way to get fired for underperformance is to be a 10x developer.

Feature Toggles are one of the worst kinds of Technical Debt

Feature toggles are a (better) alternative to excessive feature branching, but guess what, they have their own problems … so we keep looking for the silver bullet.

Why you might not need MVC

React.js was critizising MVC from the beginning. I never understood the argumentation against MVC, 2-way-binding and the need for the Flux architecture. This article helped me to understand some of the concepts behind that argumentation.

The container revolution

A good writeup about how container technologies evolved and the consequences.

That means your developers can move faster, you can ship faster, you can iterate faster, your business grows faster – speed improves everything.

This Developers Life is back

After almost two years of silence they released a new episode … it does not top my favorite episode, but it’s well done.

The ??!??! operator in C

No joke: ??!??! is a valid operator in the C programming language …

Neues in .Net
Im Schlepptau der Veröffentlichung von Visual Studio 2015 gibt es zahlreiche Neuigkeiten rund um .Net. Bei all den Versionen und Ankündigungen verliert man jedoch schnell den Überblick und alleine die Videos vom “Final Release Event” kommen zusammen auf fast 5 Stunden Demos und Erklärungen. Damit man ein wenig gezielter nach Neuigkeiten suchen kann, habe ich […] mehr
Next Speaking Engagements

I will hold my workshop “JavaScript for real Developers: A survival Bootcamp” on September 1st at the “ch/open Workshoptage“.
I have been holding workshops at the “ch/open Workshoptage” for the last 9 years, and I think it is one of the best tech event in Switzerland.
It’s the third time I hold the “JavaScript for real Developers” workshop at the “ch/open Workshoptage” (but I have held the same content at many in-house trainings). The last two years the workshop was always fully booked in a short period of time.

Update July 31: The workshop is almost full, a re-run is scheduled.

I am proud that I was invited for the fifth time to speak at the annual SBB Developer Day on September 9th. I will give an introduction to TypeScript.

On August 3rd I will hold my course “Einführung in die Frontend-Entwicklung mit JavaScript und AngularJS” at DigiComp for the first time. The course is not yet fully booked, there is still time to register …

Weekend Reader, Week 29

The Software Paradox

A short book about the rise and fall of the commercial software market.

Product Backlog Bankruptcy!

I have been in teams where the effort to maintain (the illusion of) a backlog was just rediculous … the idea to declare the product backlog bankruptcy makes sense to me.

Agile & Scrum Go Mainstream

Ok, many teams in software development have moved past the scrum hype … but general management seems to just start discovering it.

Scrum is a Copernican revolution in management.

… I remain sceptical.

Monolith First

Martin Fowler about the current hype around microservices:

You shouldn’t start a new project with microservices, even if you’re
sure your application will be big enough to make it worthwhile.

Microservices and JavaEE: No paradox?

JavaEE desperately tries to be fashIonable by squeezing traditional application servers in the corset of microservices … I wonder if this is a good aproach:
- WildFly Swarm
- Payara Micro
- KumuluzEE

The birth and death of JavaScript

Another great talk (WAT is a classic!) by Gary Bernhard. Watch out for the point where he crosses from reality to fiction …

Some people seem pretty crazy

How Richard Stallman uses computers:

I usually fetch web pages from other sites by sending mail to a
program that fetches them, and then mails them back to me.

I am in awe at all the obstacles he is willing to take on by staying true to his principles.

Funny: Introducing Atom 1.0

Atom is the text editor from GitHub based on web-technologies.


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