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Kurz-Tipp: Responsive Design einfach testen mit Window Resizer
Wer heutzutage Webapplikationen erstellt wird kaum um das Thema Responsive Design herum kommen. Dabei geht es um die Anpassungsfähigkeit einer Webseite an verschiedene Bildschirmgrössen. Schliesslich soll die Anwendung nicht nur auf dem Laptop bedienbar sein sondern auch auf dem Smartphone zum Verweilen einladen. Die technische Seite wird durch Frameworks wie Bootstrap gut abgedeckt und dürfte […] mehr
Closing the Feedback Loop from Log Messages to Knowledge
In the last few weeks I posted a series of articles on log messages. Starting at the missed opportunities, continued with the great power of structured logging with Serilog and different sinks to the helpful dashboard of Kibana. With that entire infrastructure in place we are now able to turn log messages into knowledge. And […] mehr
Weekend Reader, Week 41


Wow, already week 41 … I missed some weeks since last time. Time to catch up!


The controversy around SAFe goes on:

Erwin van der Koogh on When is SAFe appropriate to use?

SAFe is great for companies trying to delay the inevitable.


 And there seemed to be some fun at the Agile Business Conference:



Trouble in Paradise: Disillusion about GitHub

GitHub was always my poster-child as a modern software company. Their approach to a no-managers culture is fascinating:

And the presentations of Zach Holman of GitHub are famous. They give the impression of being a paradise for software developers...

… but at the beginning of the year there seemed to leak some concerning stories from that paradise:

I don’t know what to think about it, but for me it’s a a modern case of “Paradise Lost”.


More about the No Managers Culture

How Medium Is Building a New Kind of Company with No Managers:

In Holacratic systems, individuals operate without managers because many of them have decision-making power in a particular area. And since everything is made as explicitly as possible, everyone in the organization knows who has authority over what.

Harvard Business Review: First, Let’s Fire All The Managers

Management is the least efficient activity in your organization.

What I find particularly interesting in the above HBR article is, that the No Managers Culture is not rooted in nor confined to the software industry.



More about Plans and Estimations

My Customers Need Estimates, What Do I do? 

If you choose to serve customers who need an estimate/price, then do estimates/prices. If you choose to serve customers who are willing to let requirements emerge, then get good at the Agile way. It’s your choice.

Two Reasons Why Estimates Aren’t Worth It

Creating estimates is pretty frustrating because everyone who sits in an estimation meeting knows that these estimates have got nothing to do with reality.

Why are software development estimates regularly off by a factor of 2-3 times? 
This brilliant analogy is showing the impossibility to plan a hike from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 


The challenge of planning incremental product development (from Incremental development at Spotify):

Incremental Development Spotify

Quote about plans from Friedrich Dürrenmatt:

Zufall Dürrenmatt

(The more humans proceed according to plan, the more effectively coincidence is able to meet them.) 



JavaScript continues to conquer the world:

But not everybody seems to be delighted:

Monitor your Applications with Kibana
Kibana is the powerful search interface of Elasticsearch. Depending on how many log messages you need to store you can run both tools locally or in the cloud. Today you will learn how you can install Kibana and what possibilities it has to monitor your applications.   Download & Installation You can get the latest […] mehr
Elasticsearch as a Sink for Serilog
When multiple systems continuously produce log messages they accumulate quickly. In combination with a longer retention time we easily talk about millions of log messages that need to be stored and searched. A single System like Seq will reach its limits and we need a bigger, more scalable solution. Elasticsearch is such a system, which […] mehr

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