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Reinstalling all NuGet Packages in a Solution
After updating a simple MVC application I got this error in Visual Studio: The type or namespace name ‘Mvc’ does not exist in the namespace ‘System.Web’ (are you missing an assembly reference?) This can happen when you update your project to a different version of the .Net framework. You can now manually update or reinstall […] mehr
Mein Technologieradar für 2017
Mit dem neuen Jahr wird es auch wieder Zeit für eine Aktualisierung meines Technologieradars. Nach den Ausgaben für 2014 und 2015 verzichtete ich auf eine Ausgabe für 2016. Die grossen Ankündigungen von Microsoft (wie ASP.Net vNext) verzögerten sich und nur die Jahreszahl anzupassen war mir zu wenig.   Mein neuer Technologieradar Auch weiterhin kommt das … Mein Technologieradar für 2017 weiterlesen mehr
Boost your Debugging Speed with OzCode
In a perfect world, no one needs to debug. All code is covered by tests and if something goes wrong, it’s just adding yet another test. It’s a whole other story in legacy code, where the debugger is your only chance to figure out what is going on. A tool like OzCode will make debugging […] mehr
Activating FILESTREAM on SQL Server
SQL Server has a great feature called FILESTREAM. It allows applications to store unstructured data (like images or PDF files) on the file system while keeping the transactional capabilities of the database. It’s a straight forward task to activate this feature while you install SQL Server. But it gets tricky when you have a pre-installed […] mehr
Let Death Code Die
Let’s talk about some of the more annoying habits many programmers have: the inability to delete code. Code is kept around as if their life depends on it, even when its purpose is long gone. They do all possible things so they don’t have to delete anything. They comment code out, put unreachable conditions around […] mehr

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