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How many of your Accounts have been Compromised in a Data Breach?
No week passes by without a big announcement of stolen account data. Usernames with their corresponding passwords and email addresses are “lost” on a regular basis. This is not only a problem of small sites: LinkedIn, Adobe and MySpace alone add up to more than 600 Million leaked accounts. Given the fact that passwords are […] mehr
Embedding your Company Logo in Emails sent with C#
Sending emails with C# is straightforward. You only need a few lines of code and a bit of configuration for the mail server as described in an earlier post. Taking the effort to send an email as a base line, you could jump to the conclusion that it shouldn’t be a problem to display your […] mehr
Saving Emails to Disk in C#
Sending emails in C# is a simple task. All you need is a MailMessage object with your email and a SmtpClient to send it: [crayon-599c8f5e4029b430711585/] The configuration for the SmtpClient is inside the web.config or app.config can look like this example from Sanjay kumar: [crayon-599c8f5e402a4094049124/] Whenever your code is executed, your email will be sent […] mehr
Protect your Data with a Disposable Email Address
The constant demand to create an account with every web site or app is annoying. As if this is not bad enough, it also puts your data at risk. You use your email everywhere, even when you only need this free WiFi for an hour or two. The data remains on the site and as […] mehr
Visual Studio 2017: Get your Browser Back!
A new feature of Visual Studio 2017 is really annoying: Whenever you run a web application, it opens a different browser (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer). Not just a new window, but an entirely different executable without your plugins or your settings for self-signed SSL certificates on localhost. To make things worse, those alternative browsers […] mehr

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