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Look ma, no JS, it’s Blazor
with Jose Luis Latorre Millas

Montag, 10. Februar 2020 um 18:00 Uhr

Hello Berner .NET Friend

Our first event this year is all about Blazor. Jose give us an introduction in this topic.


  • Look ma, no JS, it’s Blazor
  • Pizza Break
  • Look ma, no JS, it’s Blazor Q&A


On this session we will introduce Blazor, the new SPA (Single Page Application) web development framework from Microsoft and why it matters more than it seems. We will cover an introduction to Webassembly (wasm), its roadmap, concepts of Blazor, some demo time and see why it is important and the changes that the wasm and Blazor project bring to us.

«WebAssembly, or wasm, is the most significant new technology to come to the web platform in a decade.”
Source – Mozilla (and many more..)

About Jose

Jose Luis Latorre Millas .NET, Azure Cloud & UI/UX Specialist, XAML, Performance focused, Profiling, Software Architecture & Performance Testing (and deep root analysis).

Jose has been a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) for 9 years, some of them on the Silverlight Technology between others which certifies his dedication, passion and skills in this field. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and having fun while doing so, either at user group talks, conferences or in trainings.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Martin Affolter, Kay Herzam und René Leupold


Montag, 10.02.2020
Uhrzeit 18:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Veranstaltungsort WISS
Ostermundigenstrasse 81 - Bern

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