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LLM, Data & APIs: Integrating AI Power into your solutions - with Python & .NET

Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2023 um 18:00 Uhr

Hello Berner .NEt Friend

In collaboration with the .NET Usergroup Zentralschweiz and the .NET Usergroup Zürich we are proud to host Christian Weyer who will be doing a mini-tour through Luzern, Zurich and Bern.

Abstract Large Language Models, Data & APIs: Integrating Generative AI Power into your solutions - with Python & .NET

Let's look beyond the ChatGPT hype! In this session, Christian delves into the world of Large Language Models (LLMs), data, and APIs, focusing on how you can meaningfully integrate AI functionality into your applications. We will explore pragmatic scenarios and use cases that demonstrate the potential of LLMs (such as GPT or Llama) and discuss how AI techniques can be incorporated into existing architectures. Participants will gain initial insights into LangChain as a Python toolkit and Semantic Kernel as a .NET-based SDK. Additionally, we will address the consideration of not only using closed-source systems (like OpenAI) but also taking open-source options into account to meet diverse requirements. Come in and find out!

About Christian

Christian Weyer is co-founder and CTO of Thinktecture AG. As a Microsoft MVP, RD and Google GDE, he has been speaking at a wide variety of software conferences and events worldwide for more than 25 years – with passion and commitment, especially for distributed application architectures and cross-platform solutions. A deeply technical as well as realistic assessment of technologies is one of his trademarks. e diverse organizational needs. Come in and find out!.


Mittwoch, 13.12.2023
Uhrzeit 18:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Veranstaltungsort M&S Software Engineering AG
Hilfikerstrasse 4 - Bern

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