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Gian-Luca has been developing full stack web solutions for 6 years. ♥s React, TypeScript, fiddling with browser security, and improving the developer experience.

Präsentationen bei der .Net User Group Bern

Mittwoch, 14.06.2023
BFF Sample for ASP.NET Core and React.js

The BFF (Backend for Frontend) is all the rage in the community right now. But what benefits does it offer for security and the development workflow? And what challenges arise when trying to implement it?
In our talk, we present a reference implementation of a basic BFF Project with an ASP.NET Core back end and a React front end. We present an approach that enables JS/TS developers to keep developing using the tools and workflows they love, without compromising the back-end development process. At the same time, our approach enabling full security during development, with identical security headers and configurations employed during development and production.
Are you curious about our approach and want to demystify the BFF Pattern?

Join our session and get started with our example code on GitHub.