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Präsentationen bei der .Net User Group Bern

Montag, 30.05.2011
DotNetNuke - CMS and Web application development framework

DotNetNuke is both a powerful Web Content Management System (CMS) and a Web application development framework. The flexible DotNetNuke architecture allows you to easily add functionality or change the appearance of your web site through the addition of DotNetNuke apps. You can choose from over 8,000 apps at Snowcovered.com, hundreds of free apps in the DotNetNuke Forge, or build your own custom apps. DotNetNuke features an open API to empower your own custom app development. DotNetNuke also ships with Unit Tests beginning with version 5.5 to make building and testing your custom development work faster and easier than ever before. In this presentation Peter will give a broad overview of the DotNetNuke architecture and its background. Then we will look at how to create extensions for this platform.

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