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Scott is a Partner Program Manager working on Open Source .NET from his home office in Portland, Oregon. He’s also been podcasting every Thursday for nearly 700 episodes and blogging every Tues and Thursday for over 17 years. You may also have seen some of Scott talks on Type 1 Diabetes as he’s been diabetic for over 25 years and has been staying alive connected 24 hours a day to an Open Source Artificial Pancreas.

Präsentationen bei der .Net User Group Bern

Donnerstag, 4.04.2019
.NET everywhere - is it possible and is it awesome?

.NET went open source (really really open source) a few years back...but what's been made newly possible? How flexible is it? How open is it? How big can it scale and how small can it get? How do we reconcile .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Mono? Where does WebAssembly fit in? What about WinForms and WPF? Cross platform UI? Join Scott Hanselman as we tour the last 10 years and explore the next 10 years of .NET in this demo-filled session

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