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Szymon Pobiega used to build various kinds of custom software systems, from banks and airlines to bitcoin exchanges, only to figure out his true passion lies in the stuff that is hidden from user’s eyes — the infrastructure on which the business software runs. Now, as a software engineer at Particular, the makers of NServiceBus, Szymon found his happy place where he focuses on message routing patterns in distributed systems. When tired with coding, Szymon enjoys building remotely controlled Lego all-terrain vehicles.

Präsentationen bei der .Net User Group Bern

Montag, 18.09.2017
I Shall Say It Only Once

And you shall do it only once. Exactly once. That’s a very common assumption for most of business software. One trigger equals one outcome. As it turns out, it is easier said than done. One way to solve the problem is to prevent messages from getting duplicated in the first place. This requires transactions spanning data stores and messaging systems which is neither fast nor widely available. Another way is taking advantage of natural idempotency of some operations, e.g. setting a value. But let’s face it, most business code is more complex than that. As a third option, I’ll show you the *Outbox* pattern which makes distributed transaction look like a rusty old timer. Join me in this talk and make sure you’ll never refund a customer twice, again.

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