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As a technical and team lead, he bridged the gap between product owner, technology, team, problems and solutions. Facilitator during agile planning meetings, teacher during coding dojos, presenter during knowledge transfer sessions, are but a few of his past efforts. It’s safe to say that, throughout his career, teaching and learning have been the only constants.

His areas of expertise are Domain Driven Design, Command and Query Responsibility Segregation, Eventsourcing, Test driven development, Messaging, etc. One last thing, he still writes code

Präsentationen bei der .Net User Group Bern

Mittwoch, 21.10.2015
Trench Talk – Models and friends

This talk about domain driven design takes the janitor’s cut to models and friends. How they’re crunched, born, tested against scenarios, how they’re useful, what distinguishes them from others, how they’re visualized and communicated, how they change over time, how they do not always turn out the way you want them to be, how some of them turn to mud, how they don’t live in isolation, how … well, you’ll just have to attend to hear more, won’t you?

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